Image black in UMG when child of a button

I have a setup with an UMG button containing an image. This image has a texture-based brush assigned.

When the image is a child of the button, it is displayed without colors. When it is outside of the button, it is displayed with colors. What could be the reason of this behavior? The overlay shown in the hierarchy does not affect this behavior. If i wrap everything in an overlay on highest level, the color is displayed correctly (but the button is not clickable)

Hi mistercrokes,

When you say the image has no color, are you meaning it is black or invisible?


Something that could be affecting the color of your image is the ‘Color and Opacity’ of the Button. This is a color multiplier that affects ALL children/sub-children of the button, but not the button itself.

If that isn’t set to the default (1,1,1,1), it will have an effect on any child that has a visual.

Other than that you would have to broadly check for any places where you programmatically are setting color, and ensure it isn’t interfering with your images color.

Hope this helps

Could you give/show more details? “But the button is not clickable” sounds like the button is not enabled or, if there are some more widgets on top of each other, the ZOrder may be wrong and you can’t click because it is under another widget. When you add a new button to a widget and add your image, how does the event look like to create your widget and add it to your viewport?

When I use a high level overview, the button is indeed not clickable due to the zorder (the image is fully above the button, as intended). But this was only a test to verify if it would work with that setup. I saw that the image of the original issue did not get uploaded correctly, the image is now added.

can’t believe I did not see that, thanks for your help!