Image Based Reflections in UE4 ??

i was wondring if we can have a feature from UE3 DX11 in UE4
here is the link from the old documantation :

it it realy greate for glossy surfaces where SSR give bad result and the most nice thing is the light reflections
we have the “Long, streaky highlights” just like real life
here is a real life image for the comparison :

and that feature work on any surface not just floor :

here is the the Samaritan Demo video :

so correct me if im wrong and sorry for my bad english


UE 4 has done this since the beginning.

do you mean SSR or what ??

Image based reflections like what the topic title says. The whole lighting and material system depends on it. The reflection capture actors are just that: they capture an image (a cube map) that is then used as an image based reflection source and the engine blends them together with SSR.

i know that the reflection spheres are image based reflection but as far as i know that feature was Dynamic and the reflection are not static here is the documentation !
Dynamic components - all parts of the reflection except the static shadowing can be changed at runtime
so i think that not all features are in UE4