I'm writing a Blueprint Library. Make Requests 😊

Hey guys,

I’m writing a blueprint library in C++ (all the functions will be available to use in blueprints).

Feel free to make requests for functions you’d like.


When using the teleport BP function I found I wasn’t able to check if there was a collision, before attempting to teleport, and I believe Teleport instead randomly places the teleport position at some places within a random navigable radius or some such thing.

However, if I recall I noticed C++ had some sort of TeleportTo alternative which had a Boolean which returned a True or False regarding whether or not the original destination would be a good place to teleport to.

So I think I am asking for an equivalent BP version to TeleportTo, if that is what it actually does. So rather than be placed randomly away from where I want to go (if there is a collision at the the destination) I’d rather check first, so I can decide to not be teleported.


Interesting suggestion. I’ll do some more research on this, thanks :blush:

I really like the first suggestion. It screams at me. The second one I’ll check out as well, thank you. :100:


virtual bool TeleportTo
const FVector  & DestLocation,
const FRotator & DestRotation,
bool bIsATest,
bool bNoCheck


Used for adding actors to levels or teleporting them to a new location. The result of this function is independent of the actor's current location and rotation. If the actor doesn't fit exactly at the location specified, tries to slightly move it out of walls and such if bNoCheck is false.


true if the actor has been successfully moved, or false if it couldn't fit.


| --- | --- |
|DestLocation|The target destination point|
|DestRotation|The target rotation at the destination|
|bIsATest|is true if this is a test movement, which shouldn't cause any notifications (used by AI pathfinding, for example)|
|bNoCheck|is true if we should skip checking for encroachment in the world or other actors|

Screaming louder.

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