I'm working on quite the project. Fortworth/Dallas Area

Hello! I’m just listing this as unpaid for now. I plan to put together a dev team in the Texas Dallas/Fortworth area after I’m done with a polished prototype of my game.

Let me know if you’re interested in working on a quirky open world game, live in the area, and your mad skillz.

This is mostly so I can network with other UE4 creatures in my area.

If my evil plan goes well this will lead to a game development company, then world domination!

Bungie kinda failed to take over the world so Someone has to pick up where they left off! :cool:

Tyler Yon

Do you have a skype?

I live just a half hour shy outside of DFW! I’m a concept artist, and would love to help you out on your project. Once you have a prototype of your game and you can reveal more information about this game you are talking about, come find me!

I live in the Fort Worth area and am looking to join up with a new team. I’m a level designer and have some experience with 3D modeling and a little scripting and I would be glad to lend my support in any way. It would be awesome to start up a game dev company here in Fort Worth! I have Skype if you want to get in touch.