I'm working on an virtual lab project to help teach kids in poor countries and need help


I really need help with whether this project is possible in a 1 and a half months time

i’m a masters student doing research on how we can teach science and engineering labs in poor countries who can’t get access to real labs using virtual labs, the idea does also extend to western countries in the form of extensions to real labs but that’s not the main focus.

Anyway I have an extensive background in programming in MATLAB, (I used to do a lot of C back in the day and a ton of QBASIC too).

The more I researched the more I thought why don’t I just design a room with multiple reactors (whatever the students are learning) in a room using a game engine to provide an interface that the students (18-21~) could really interact with.

here’s the workflow:

1.) user is spawned into a single room which looks like a lab and they are surrounded by reactors.
2.) user goes up to a reactor and enters variables for that reactor.
3.) inputs get output to a file to get processed in another code block.
4.) I’ve written up partial differentials and the models for how the reactors work in MATLAB which get output to a file.
5.) data file is read by the engine and a real time representation of what happens appears on screen, with a time slider letting them see how the reaction progresses over time.

There are tidbits of information that appear on the screen to aid the learning process throughout the interaction.

How hard would this be to implement?

I am currently watching tutorials on how to use unreal engine, the system doesn’t need to be very detailed, it’s just a proof of concept design.

thank youuu so much in advance! :slight_smile: