I'm using capsule half height for crouch - but the character always lags the first time I'm using it in game, then it's always smooth. lags (

You can see my Blueprint in the picture. I’m in a first person template.

So what I believe appears laggy so to speak is that when I press crouch, my character moves down from a higher height than when I was standing. So it looks like the camera snaps a few units up when I press crouch, and then i t moves down.

Then when I stand up again my character stops at that higher height that it snapped to before as a mentioned. Then when I crouch again during the level in doesn’t stutter as before.

What settings have I missed? Or is my Blueprint weird?

Thanks for the help!

Not sure what is causing the lag you mention but how I would set this up:
Have the timeline animate the first person camera position downwards. Then set the capsule size when the animation finishes. In my experience the physics engine doesn’t cope well with scaling objects, so scaling something every tick might create some undesired side-effects.