I'm trying to spawn different actors on each playerstart location?

im trying to figure out how to get one actor to spawn on a designated spawn point and another actor to spawn on the other designated spawn point?

Ah I see, in that case, well tbh, I’ll say that you should probably hold out for a little bit longer as Epic will be releasing a blueprint multiplayer example project soon under the Learn Tab. Here is a preview-ish

And with these project files it will probably be a lot easier for you to figure all that out!

They will be doing a twitch stream of the process of creating a multiplayer game with blueprints March 10 which is pretty soon!

So be sure to tune in! Have a good day!

sorry for the late response. are saying to use the target actors in place of the playerstart or add on to them in some way. if the case is that its an add on to the player start than im not quite sure of how to use it?

You shouldn’t use player starts to spawn actors unless it is to spawn multiple player characters for a multi player game or for check point purposes or team spawn locations. But then again, I’m not exactly sure what it is that you want to do now. I was under the impression that you wanted to find the world location of the different spots that you wanted to spawn your actors.

im intentions is to make a multiplayer battle performer game so yes i need to use playerstart so i can do multiplayer

I have updated the answer based on this new information, take care!

I have done it in c++, but the concept is probably the same.

Start by creating your own PlayerStart and add a variable -a boolean that allows/disallows spawning, or a float if you want to get fancy and make little timer (for example, by making it tick and decreasing the delta to the float variable).

After that you need to make/override the function that chooses the spawn locations from GameMode (in c++ its called ChoosePlayerStart), loop through all the Starpoints and ignore Starpoints that are “in use”/“Not available” depending on the state of the variable you added, locking it after by changing its value.

That function is called everytime a player restarts/spawns so if you are planing use the startpoint over and over, make sure you reset the values eventually to make the startpoint “available” again.

sorry that its been so long but how exactly do i create my own playerstart?

In c++ you just go File → “Add code to project”, then select “Show all classes” and search/type for it.
In blueprints oddly I haven’t found it, you could just create it in C++ then use it as base for a blueprint.

Create a new Blueprint, in the dialog to select the parent, search for PlayerStart. This will allow you to extend the existing PlayerStart.

Remember to tune in to Epic’s twitch tv tomorrow 3:30PM-5:00PM ET for information regarding this topic