I'm trying to single line trace from a moving component but it will not work in multiplayer!

Hi there, I’m doing a single line trace to act as a player firing a sniper rifle weapon.

I have the start and end locations, as 2 cubes, that are components of my characters.Cube 1 is :“Begin trace” Cube 2 is “End Trace”

The 2 cubes are attached to a bone that is moving around and animated. When i go to trace the cubes location, from the server, it doesn’t get the right location!

I have tryed using a method where ,the trace locations are from the main players camera location and forward vectors. It works!
But i cannot used this method considering i have an animated sniper rifle,

If anyone knows, or wants to know more i can post up pictures, Plz and thank you :smiley:

I’m not sure but i believe you have to grab a reference to the componenet being used, and set replication enabled for the specific component… to anyone wondering