I'm trying to save an Actor Location

I can’t figure out what I’m leaving out - I have an Actor Object Reference, Location and Save File Variable but it doesn’t push any data.

I’m trying to save the location of an Actor pulled into the game

The debug gives perfect data with basically the same setup?

Do you ever actually save and load the game? Creating a save game object and setting its variable is not enough; you need to save game to slot / load game from slot.

Yes the save and load works OK, I have other variables that save and load like a charm - any idea what I’m doing wrong here?

So that’s all you have? You really could have kept that for yourself - if you don’t have the ability to contribute something, mind your own business

The issue can be related with too many things. You said nothing about how you’re loading and saving, whether is sync or async, if you’re setting the data to be saved in several places, …

Right before you save the object, are you printing its contents, to verify what you’re actually saving?

PS: bump the question for visibility before insulting people who are trying to help you.