Im trying to make a fireplace that you can hear when you walk in the room but when i leave the room i can still hear it

When i walk in the room i can hear the fireplace but when i walk out i can still hear it no matter where i am. Please help!

here is the code im using

Simpler way:

  1. Create an Attenuation asset.
  2. Assign that Attenuation to the fireplace Sound Cue asset’s attenuation.
  3. Give the Sound Cue some Occlusion settings so the sound doesn’t escape the room unless the room has cracks in it or someone is listening close to the wall.
  4. Place the sound cue in the level, directly in front of the fireplace.
  5. Delete all the blueprint stuff in your screenshot.

With this setup you shouldn’t need any triggers or logic - the sound engine will take care of everything.

But if you really want that level of control to basically switch it on and off,
then do the following to your blueprint:

  1. Get rid of the destroy sound node.
  2. Get rid of the Delay node.
  3. Everything that came after the Delay node should come out of an OnEndActorOverlap (TriggerVolume) event.

That should get you at least halfway there, but I am not sure how you are handling it fading in, in the first place.