I'm trying to create an instance of a blueprint in a blueprint

I am trying to create a instance of a blueprint from within a blueprint using Spawn Actor and then assigning the result to a reference.
But when I debug it the reference comes out as none(NULL).

Any ideas on how to create classes within classes using blueprints?

I just did this 30 minutes ago and I just checked that it does in fact properly create a new blueprint and it does!

Note that I’m very new to unreal engine myself, so this might be a bad solution.

I would imagine you already have something like this but if mine is working (comes out as not-none) perhaps it is helpful.

I have these charm items that need to have a “bonus set” blueprint on them, so if the instance doesn’t have one set already, this script will give it one when the game starts. The created blueprint is then saved in a variable.

If it’s something that’s going to stick around I would suggest using the AddChildActorComponent It will add it to the component hierarchy and attach it as well.

Thanks for the answers guys.
I got it working.

I have a function called “Init” with the logic to spawn the actor in it.
My problem was I was calling “Init” in the event constructor for player.
As soon as I moved it to the event graph off the “Event begin play” node it started working.

Justin, I will keep that in mind about the AddChildActorComponent.