I'm trying but cant find a tutorial for this specific type of rpg

Hi. I am not sure if this is the correct place to post this. But I want to build a combat system like the one games such as xenoblade chronicles x, 2 and final fantasy 12 have. But since I dont know what the specific name of that rpg combat style is I am having a really hard time finding resources on it.
I want to make a game like that but with a couple of exceptions.

  1. no auto attack. the player controls for example how many punches his character throws. But block and dodge are automated.
  2. I want to tweak movement. So that when you are outside of range you aren’t getting phantom hit unless the enemy is using a projectile attack. I am assuming that this can be done just by assigning hit boxes.
  3. I want to somehow make it possible that if you are being attacked by multiple foes that you can actually fight all of them off. Instead of getting bashed by the others while you face one. I think implementing a counter skill that has a chances of activating when you successfully block or dodge. Obviously you have to be significantly stronger than your opponents so that you can actually face multiple at once.

PLEASE if anyone can show me video tutorials on these different mechanic or at least the style of rpg I am inquiring about so that I may finally start working on it fully, I would really appreciate it.

There’s not going to be a specific tutorial for that since it’s a mechanic that’s very specific to how that game works.
What you need to do is break it down into components and look up how to do those types of things, you’re not going to find something exactly the same but you can probably find some info on similar types of things that you can learn from.

I know. Thats why in the end I am asking if anyone can show me tutorials on these different mechanics. Because it has been really tedious looking for mmo style rpg combat mechanics, since i atleast know that, that is were the combat for games such as xenoblade chronicles derives from. I have been really trying to look for tutorials but I dont know the exact terminology for what I am specifically looking for. I dont mind if it is multiple things that I have to mix together I just want to know were to look. Also I noticed the topic of rpgs for unreal is very scarce.

for some reason I can’t see my previous reply. so i dont know if it went through.
I know I wont find and exact specific tutorial. Thats why at the end I said if someone could point me towards to tutorials on these different mechanics. I dont know the specific names of the many different mechanics that have to do with what I want to do. And rpg tutorials themselves are not very abundant from what I can tell. Could someone please tell me what mechanics are the ones I should be looking for? So that I may then use that separate information to build something as close as possible to what I want to do.

You can do it all by yourself. Read some tutorial about creating design documents for a game. Then create such document for your game. It will kind of force you to split whole game into smaller tasks (ideas). When you split those game documnet ideas into smaller task you will notice that those smaller tasks usually have tutorials, or at least article describing algorithm.

So create design documnet for game, then split those ideas from it into small tasks. And how to solve them can be found on internet.