I'm Titanium

Hi there! Just released my new game on STEAM.
3 people and one year game production.
**Thanks Epic Games for Unreal Engine 4. Best game engine! **

I’m Titanium is
Survival, ship modification, base defense, boss battles and player leaderboards table all this awaits you in this game.
Challenge yourself in procedurally generated space for the title of the top player. Every new game will never be the same!
Key feature:

  • One big procedural game level, like a 900 FullHD screens
  • Local Co-Op
  • 4K display resolution supports
  • Enemy Biomes
  • Dozens of active enemies
  • Dozens of weapons
  • Collect mineral resources for upgrade Base and Ship
  • Battle with big galaxy bosses

Thanks for watching!

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Hey. The game looks good but you may want to change your game title. To me it sounds amateurish not a serious game developer. On a side note this is a great for a 3 man team. Good job.

I’m Techlord…and I would have to disagree. The name is great and easy to remember. @Dneproman You could have a trendy I’m so and so marketing campaign on your hands.

Keep up the awesome work!