I'm suddenly getting some stuttering

Is your gfx driver up to date? I get that kind of problem on Windows in general sometimes but it gets back to normal after a restart.

Hello everyone. It’s great to finally be testing UE4.

I’ve been testing with some of the demos, and it was working everything fine. But suddenly I started to get some stuttering with the viewport. The viewport makes a small pause every 5 seconds. This affects when I’m editing and when I’m playing inside the editor, but not when I launch the game on my PC.

It’s pretty annoying. Sound stops too, and particle effects restart or something. When something broke with UDK, I just deleted all config files and everything solved. But I haven’t found the config files here. I know that there are some editor config files per project, but deleting those or creating a new project won’t solve the problem.

Does anyone know what I could do? It was working fine before. Thanks :slight_smile:

I know it could sound a stupid question,but any chance of autosave set to ON ?

Hello, thanks for the answer.

Autosave is on. It’s always been since it’s enabled by default and it was working before. Besides, autosave kicks in every 10 minutes or so? I don’t know how much exactly. These viewport pauses are exactly every 5 seconds.

I was going to ask the same thing : what is you GPU and your driver version ? I also get some freezes (but less frequently and only in fullscreen mode.

Try to change the setup of your Antivirus,or just for testing purpose try to disable it for a short time.

I have a Geforce GTX 670, I’ve updated the drivers and rebooted the system twice. Still the same thing.

Hello. I’ve tried to disable the antivirus and firewall and still the same thing.

Well guys, I finally found a solution.

Just don’t do this: https://docs.unrealengine.com/latest/INT/Platforms/Android/GettingStarted/index.html#environmentvariables

I tried to configure UE4 for Android, and now that I think of it, it all began when I did it. It seems that if you set up the environment variables, even if you don’t have your phone connected to the PC, it will start doing that stuttering. So I removed the variables and everything is fine. It doesn’t matter if I can’t test deploying for Android as everything crashes on my Xperia S anyway. Removing those variables even made appear a tutorial at the beginning that never showed up before.

So thanks for the answers guys. I hope there’s some improvement in Android support soon :slight_smile: .

Thanks for this. I was going crazy trying to figure out why my editor and builds were stuttering.

Hi PacoChan. Thanks for working this out. We put in a bug for the hitches recently, but hadn’t tracked it down to the Android setup yet. I’ve sent it off to our platform team so we can get this fixed.

And you man are truly the hero my laptop deserves.

Can someone please walk me through this at a beginner level, I’ve done what you have done and experience the stutter, but I have NO CLUE how to undo this, or how to delete environment variables. Please help.