I'm still having trouble updating Unreal Engine 4 with 1 account for 60 lab PCs.

There’s a limit on how many active machines there can be under 1 account. The fact that the number gradually reduces to 1 baffles me when I’m already limited to 5 machines just to update UE4 to the latest version.

Could school accounts be allowed to have more than 5 active machines, because the account servers only checks for the IP addresses, and I’m within my school address, logging into the 60 lab machines within a domain?

Hi asperatology,

Have you followed our guide for academic installation? This may help you:

If you are still having installation challenges after reviewing this, please make a post on the UE4 Answerhub to the Installation & Setup section, and our support staff will help you troubleshoot.


Ok thanks. I’m still having installation challenges after reviewing the academic installation and seeing how the article doesn’t cover my particular case of issues, so I’ll go ahead and make a post in the Answerhub. Thanks though, at least it’s leading me somewhere.