I'm Spawning with the bad player model

Hey guys!

I worked on a game that unlocks a “New game Plus” at the end, you win a hat if you beat the game.
When I die with my hat on (so in the new game plus), I respawn without it, with the “base model” of the player.
Could you help me?

This is what I have right now : inside of the player BP, I have a function that is called named “Respawn Player”.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

You should first plug an Object to your Casting

Hey there! That’s a mistake of me: the image I sent was not the final one.
The node Game instance has the Get Game Instance node attached to it.

Try connecting the return value from spawn hat character to the possess node.

You are setting the mesh of the variable Hammer, but that variable is never set to the actor you spawn with the SpawnActor node. Set Hammer to the return value of the SpawnActor node and then the manipulation of the variable will be reflected in your game.

Hey there! Weird enough, I can’t seem to plug the Set Hammer into the return value. “Static Mesh is not compatible with Hammer Hat Blueprint”

Hey there! Weird enough, I can’t seem to plug the Spawn Hat character into the return value. "Hammer Hat blueprint is not compatible with Pawn Object Reference "