I'm sorry - Problem with arms' rotation

I’m sorry. Maybe I should ask in this forum only after realized I really haven’t got the idea how to do a thing.
It’s wrong asking to other for blueprint, but the tutorial on UE4 are insufficient to learn enough the engine.
Maybe that’s the reason because nobody helped me in the previous threads.
I’m happy to tell you, I tried to do something with blueprints.
Here is:

What Does it should do?
I get the First person camera component, so I can moving it with the first person arms.
This because, if I put the mesh into the camera, the mesh disappears.
I don’t know why…
I broke the transform, so I could pick the Position and the Rotation values and binding the first to a multyplier to try to creare a delay, the second to the rotation, so the model can following the camera.
In the end, I connected the result of position the AddRelativeRotationAndPosition, instead, I connected the rotation diractly to the function.
But it, doesn’t work correctly.

The point is Creating a movement delay like the marine’s first person hands from Doom 3.
But also moving a bit back/forth the them if the player look rispectively down/up.
Is it difficult to do?

Anyway, this time I tried.
Can you give me some tips?


Learn vector math.

You are multiplying something that is in 200-500 units range, by some number. If that number is 5 or so you send arms 2500 units away.
Second are you sure they move forward? Z is UP, x and Y are right and forward, but if you rotated anything in hierarchy those vectors can point anywhere.

Also do debug for your vectors: print valuesm use line trace (with one frame duration) to see vectors in 3d, and ESC+eject lets you see scene from outside from pawn camera.

Dont be sorry :3 you are asking for help and this is a helper forum! Dont stop asking there are no stupid questions in the world.

I don’t know if I was comprensible in the video:

In the Z axis the hands seems to have the delay but it seems a drop of frames/lag. anyway the I don’t think this delay is caused by the blueprint, but by the fact the arms are detatched from the camera in Hierarchy.

How you can see, the X axis, don’t modify the depth.
Maybe the pivot is rotated,