I'm so confused its UNREAL... There are a lot of questions... ARK DEV KIT

Ok, so to make this simple I’m going to list all of the issues I have run into in my short time working with Unreal 4 and the Ark Dev Kit, having come from Unreal 3 UDK.

  • How do I add Pickup Rocks, not the one’s you hit, although that is another issue. There are no tutorials for this.
  • How do I get the day cycle working? I have moved over all of the assets from TheIsland, and fixed all the references, but I still have no moving directional light, the sky is set to nighttime and never changes and the map is light like its daylight.
  • Is there, or is there not an easier way to cover an entire map in foliage, not bushes for berries, but just simple grass, using the foliage tool makes it all of 5 minutes then there is so much ground cover that the entire engine lags and crashes.
  • When i use the level streaming and world composition, Save, close unreal editor, reopen it and reload my world, the different levels are no longer lined up, foliage will be floating, 1000 or so units off horizontally, and switching between levels compounds this by moving levels all over the place and there seems to be no way to realign them… By far my most frustrating issue…

I have gone over most of the tutorials I have found that are specific to the ark dev kit, and they are either less than helpfully descriptive, or simply do not work the way that the creator of the video/tutorial has instructed me to do things. I’m very dedicated to learning how to use this kit, and I want to start twitch streaming my builds and making my own YouTube Tutorials for the Ark Dev Kit and Unreal 4, seeing as how there really aren’t that many and there are a lot of features that simply haven’t been disscussed, but if I’m having difficulty just getting the sky to work, I fear I might need some help.

For starters, if you haven’t seen this thread already I suggest you have a read.

Otherwise, in regards to the last point, I can recall a post or two somewhere around here to, after enabling World Composition, to disable World Origin Basing - or something along those lines.


I already see that thread but I can’t found the pickup rocks or how I can make them work. Someone know how?

Check out this video in the ARK Dev Kit Lesson series by Brick Whut.

Most of the YouTube Tutorials are a good source of learning How to use the Ark DevKit. As to your specific issues, Pick Up rocks are called “Small Rock”, search for Small Rock in the Content Browser and their should be 3 or 4 popping.

There is also a Video with a Basic MapKit. I can´t find it right now but here´s a link. Basic_MapKit - Google Drive

Simply create a new folder under mod/YourModName and drag them into the new folder. Launch ADK load your new mod/map. Under Matinee - Matinee_DayCycle you can go through Day/Night by cycling thru the timeline on the bottom.

Grass etc. like dreyn74 posted can be applied to a texture through a Clutter Layer. Every texture you piant on your landscape has a designated layer eg. Grass has a designated layer number 1.

To find out which layer has which number, find the layer assigned in the content browser, double click on it and you´ll see the assigned number.

Here´s the Tutorial made by BrickWhut https://youtube.com/watch?v=okpWBqoA1oM
For Spawning NPC/Dinos this is helpfulhttps://youtube.com/watch?v=w3ZNVxtUArg
But as I mentioned YouTube is a great source of learning the basics. Some is Outdated (Weather/Day/NightCycle)

It is also recommended to use the Unreal Engine Documentation to help you understand and learn.

I have this as well, but if you play with hide/visible then the issue has always fixed itself.