Im so angry when im use Undo(ctrl+z) command

Can We have normal undo command in editor like in others app(photoshop, word)? in unreal when i use undo it always has a lag(sometimes a crash) and i lose focus from working window(component), or if i click undo many times i don’t know what changes i made because UE4 only show text messages and don’t focus on changes that undo made

for example when i want cancel creation one of my node i want first focus to those nodes and only then delete(because i want to see what undo did), or if my UNDO action placed in another window i want focus in this window, then focus on my object and only then undo my action, if I do undo for object in world i want focus on this object (with camera) and only then “undo” this object, so if be simple i want see every undo action!!!

PS sorry for bad English

I think or don’t know that it is fixed, but I’m unable to tell, because the undo history size is very small. I have no idea how to change this.