I'm running UE5 on Windows 10. Should I upgrade to Windows 11?!

I’m running UE5 on Windows 10. Should I upgrade to Windows 11? Is there a consensus on whether upgrading to Windows 11 is advisable at present?

I have been using UE5 on Windows 11 and it has been running fine. I am relying on the fact that Windows 10 isn’t that different from Windows 11 while I am not sure if Epic officially supports Windows 11 for UE5 yet though.

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There are definitely unsatisfied Windows-11 customers on here (lots of hints about an increase in D3D Device Lost crashes)… However, is that really scientific / statistically significant, or just devs being more vocal about Win11? Who knows… Well Epic probably do (from UE phone-home telemetry). But as per usual SOP, Epic aren’t saying much. So not sure what to advise except always try to have more than one rig to develop on (on more than one OS), unless you enjoy pain. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I have the same dilemma. I bought Windows 11 Pro and am wondering whether to install.
Theoretically, it’s the same system … theoretically! You just have to take into account the fact that one update can CHANGE EVERYTHING.

Why am I already thinking about changing to the inevitable and “only right” Windows 11?

Sooner or later, you have to switch to it, the clock is ticking …
In two months I will finish my previous kind of projects.
If I start new UE5 projects on Windows 10 and during them, I will have to switch to Windows 11 … I can already see potential problems like reinstallations, compatibility, wasted time etc.

I replaced almost all pc hardware. I still have a graphics card and I think Windows …
I still have to think about it, but I’ll probably install Windows 11 in a month at the latest.

Many people have problems with Windows 11, and in many cases, the problems are not with Windows 11 itself, but with system clutter.
For me, it will probably be better to investigate the beast - Windows 11 sooner than later, when I don’t have time for it anymore.

… I’d like to read your opinions, so feel free to write :slightly_smiling_face: