I'm pulling my hair out


I’m having trouble making a hair groom properly collide with the metahuman body and was wondering if anyone has any suggestions? The groom binds properly with the scalp and physics are activated, however the hair clips through the shoulders of the metahuman when animated. The longer grooms provided in metahuman creator also seem to have this issue.

Thanks - any ideas would be very appreciated:)

I haven’t had this issue, but here’s a thought:

By default, your physics bodies on your physics asset are of the “capsule” type. I have had problems where clothing physics doesn’t recognize the capsule type. The solution is a pain but straightforward – go into the physics asset for your character, in the skeleton tree right-click on “neck_01” or whatever is in the shoulder area, and click “add shape → tapered capsule.” Change the shape and orientation of that capsule until it is slightly LARGER than the shoulders, so that the collision will happen before the hair breaks through the shoulder mesh. That may help.

Good luck!

Hmm I gave that a try and it didn’t seem to make a difference… Thank you for the suggestion though and if you have any other ideas I’d love to hear them!

Hey @Jardine123 did you ever find a solution for this?! Currently stuck on the same problem!

Did you.?