I'm planning to migrate from Unity, I have some questions though.

Hello community!

I’m quite new at game development, but I’ve been in Unity since December last year and currently developing my first game for Android in Unity (Not finished yet. Here is just a preview if you’re interested on what game it is like : (video.) I just finished high school and really interested at learning programming for games, so I downloaded Unity and playing with it. I have been watching UE4 for a quite long time, starting from this ‘Elemental Preview’ : video and got really excited for UE4. But sadly, when UE4 comes out it says that I need to pay $20/Mo for it. It is really expensive for me, who lives in a third world country so I used Unity instead at the time.

UE4 is now free! I’m really happy with this. But now, after I have some experience with Unity, I actually liked Unity as a editor.
What I love about Unity Editor other than its large userbase is :

  • Very easy assets management
  • Easy to use particle systems
  • C# (Even though it’s the only language I know, but well…)
  • Easy to make collision layers, and rendering layers
  • Free and detailed profiler
  • Relatively light-weight

I haven’t tried UE4 yet, but does it have the features listed above? (Aside from C#) Also, I’m using the engine between the two of them in a long term. So would mastering UE4 is more useful if I’m focusing at game programming? Also, is it difficult to port my current game to UE4? I’m not using any assets from the Unity asset store so the whole scripts are self-made in C#. If I’m not mistaken C# is not much different from C++ (aside from syntax difference), correct me if I’m wrong. If it is difficult to porting game from Unity to UE4, then I’ll finish my current project in Unity first, then I’ll decide later.

How is the UI creating tools in UE4? Is it hard to use and can it be easily scaled to match screen size?

With the quality of graphics, after observing the games made with Unity and UE4, I could say that UE4 has much more advanced graphics. But is UE4 have a worse in-game performance than Unity? I’m currently struggling with performance on mobile for my game even it is 2D.

Thanks a lot in advance!

Depending no what you’re actually doing in your game, it may be easier to construct the gameplay in UE4 using Blueprints.

The only thing that’s really a difficulty is trying to scale down performance. The engine starts at a high level and it can be a challenge to get things down to a level that performs well. If you’re already having performance issues in Unity, perhaps you are using an incorrect approach.
I would go and check out some of the free samples that come with UE4, there’s some 2D examples along with some platformers and stuff. Great ways to learn.

Dos anyone know where that link for tips on moving from Unity to Unreal is? That way, furibaito could see how much work would be involved in porting it over. That must be an issue that features in his/her decision.

Here it is. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply! I noticed that Blueprints is easy to use and powerful scripting tool.

The performance issues I mentioned isn’t major, just struggling to reach stable 60 FPS on mobile. Currently on heavy load (Many explosions on screen, many enemies, etc) I could get ~30 on my phone. Currently creating an object pooling system for my game, doesn’t know what will be the results. I’ll go download UE4 and check the 2D examples you mentioned. I’ve read the page Jezcentral posted, it seems C++ is quite different with C#. I guess I should finish my current project in Unity. Maybe after this project I’ll go into PC game development with UE4.

Also, I’m wondering, does UE4 supports builds for Windows Phone 8 and incoming Windows 10 universal apps?
Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

It’s very unlikely that UE4 will support Windows Phone 8, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it adds more specific Windows 10 support that includes phones.