I'm out from UE4 to Unity

Physics Blueprint API was last drop in a glass of hatred for UnrealEngine4. (Physics Blueprint API in UE4 is poor. - Feedback for Unreal Engine team - Unreal Engine Forums)
I decided to move to Unity, so that goodbye Epic, but I will follow the development of UE4.
Thank you Epic for everything. Thanks to Mieszko Zielinski, to all UE-community. :frowning:

Edit: Also take a look at this:

I understand your frustation.
One of the Unreal developer told me he is working on a better documentation.
I don’t want to offend Epic, because Unreal Engine has got 16 years of technology and an estimated value of about 1 million dollar.
I will leave Unreal Engine too, to find another engine, maybe C4.
But I will continue to follow Unreal Engine.

Please Epic, as a Christman gift (even on Xmas 2015),
write a book about Unreal Engine! I would be in a hurry to buy it :slight_smile:

Unexpectedly, sad :frowning:

Hey AntonioModer,

I’m sorry you’ve encountered frustration with the product. As mentioned on the other thread you’ve linked, our doc team is constantly making strides in the documentation space. Your statement carries the implication that you’ve run into other snags when developing in UE4 - I’m curious to know what other issues you’ve run into and if we can help set you straight :slight_smile:

And Sabino98 - don’t be afraid of offending us :slight_smile: we thrive on feedback from our development community in order to make Unreal Engine the best product it can be. Thank you for providing it to us.

Thanks guys


Hi Chance

Since it has already been mentioned… Does Epic have any knowledge, or plans of it’s own, regarding any huge, heavy and expensive book about UE4 that would serve as a spine for all of the documentation and tutorials that are around?

All this online educational content is great, but a good book would still get a lot of intrest, I guess.

We’ve discussed a book (or series of books) in the past, but we have no concrete plans to produce one. Printed books for something like Unreal Engine - which changes all the time and has a short development cycle between versions - are not the best investment in terms of resources. We would much rather focus on documenting the aspects of the engine that we haven’t gotten to spend much time on yet, and improve the usability of the existing resources as well as investigate new ways of presenting information both inside and outside the editor. I feel like that is a much better way to spend the limited resources we have on the documentation and learning resources side of things.

there are quite a few threads on the forums where I have posted about this in the past which may be of interest to you. We are always interested in hearing people’s thoughts.

Let’s not hijack this thread with that discussion though. :slight_smile:

It would be cool to have a shirt design dedicated to some aspect of each release or game jam theme each month! :stuck_out_tongue:

I think that PDF book would be better because PDF books can be changed when new versions of UE4 are released. You can either read the PDF book on the website or download the PDF book and read it while you’re not at the computer using UE4.

Dude, seriously, I’m coming from unity and still using it at my workplace, If you are planning to use the free version, your game will look like a game from 1998, with or without physics, and what about that stuff about community filling the missing parts ? they don’t even have enough access to make anything like the pro version, and unity pro visuals are ages away from UE4 ! Seriously ?! The **** are you talking about man, if you wanna make a simple game and don’t care AT ALL about graphics go for it, but this is like comparing a 2000 product to 2014 product.

Why do you assume he’d go for U Free? Unity 5 can match the graphics…

No, It can’t ! Have you seen anything that much UE4 in their upcoming features ? so they have physics materials and global illumination, having a good foundation doesn’t necessarily means a good system. UE4 looks awesome out of the BOX, and if you have to work too hard and write shaders or what ever to make it look as close ( and no one have reached UE4 quality or even UE3 with unity so far ), you might just go and build your own engine.
And you ask why i think he goes for the free version ? I donno, 1500$ maybe, for indie developer, is a lot.

All I know is there are many good looking games made with Unity 4 and now with Unity 5 there won’t be a difference in terms of graphics compared to UE4.

Time will tell, even though i doubt that…

I use both Unity and UE4 and love them both for what they are. why not just discuss his experience constructively so EPIC can hear it. Different strokes for different folks:-) Any product without proper competition will become the devil an too expensive IMHO:-)

Hi, sorry to see ya’ll go or even wanting to, looks like you are very frustrated with UE at the moment. So not much anyone can say or do that would help for now, but to let you know that we have all felt this way at one time or another, even without talking about Unreal Engine, game creation is frustrating.

Been stuck before, and will again I’m sure, but instead of throwing my computer out the window, I just walk away for a while. Especially before I post on the forums! lol

Here are some books I liked, although I don’t think they cover physics. -> https://forums.unrealengine.com/showthread.php?10221-BOOK-Blueprints-Master-the-Art-of-Unreal-Engine-4-Blueprints Kitatus Studios does a great job of writing and presenting BluePrints

But unless you’ve been doing BluePrints for a while, not sure physics is the best place to start at, even if you have half your game done. (experiment with but don’t try to get a complete finished product unless you are at the end of development) That’s like jumping into a shark cage in the middle of the ocean without shutting the door. :wink:
(Note: their might be some community projects if you search hard enough or ask in the forums that might help you with BP Physics. that might help or give you a start in the right direction)

Plus whenever you do get hung up on one thing in developing, you get so focused it’s hard to see even the simplest solutions even if they’ve been right there in front of you the whole time. So you should step back, do something else, refresh your mind on the subject and come back to it later.

I also fuss at Epic about documentation, as they well know. :slight_smile:
But since I’ve started with UE they have really worked on their docs & have listened, so I’ll be the first to take up for them.
They do have a lot of changes going on with new releases & it’s hard to keep up with, for anyone. Again would like to see a good stable release & docs updated and clarified, myself.
But that won’t really help you now, just stay tuned in & keep up with Unreal Engine, hopefully if they keep listening, we’ll all really have something here.

Anyway, this is just general advice no matter what you wind up doing, so good luck out there! :wink:

Define good looking and show me good looking games on Unity.

you ue4 fanboys lol
unity5 is every bit as good looking as ue4 and you know it.
unity4 pro is every bit a good looking as ue3 and you know it.

LOL Unity Pro

I’ve never seen anything in Unity look better than UE4, just saying. And I’m using Unity more at the moment than UE4.

didnt say better, as good as
the plus points for ue4 are not necessarily the engine, the price, the community and the developer - user relationship are whats keeping me here tbh
there are some things in unity5, the audio for instance that blows ue4 away in every respect and if i had the finances i would go for that engine in a heartbeat.