I'M ONLY A WRITER (paid or unpaid)

I have no game design experience at all so the best I can do is write stories! If you don’t like it get lost! This is a short story i came up with from a friend giving me a name and location. I personally don’t think its good but that’s my opinion if you think its good and want me to make more like this I can.

As Lana paddled her canoe around Anchorage, Alaska she looked at her watch to see its 7AM as she sat and watched the sun rise up as it peered over the ocean causing it to shimmer like gold. She sighed “i better find shelter before those creatures get me” she said as she paddled on looking for a secure place to rest. As she came rowed up to a house she heard a loud scream nearby startled by the scream she tied her canoe to the porch and rushed inside “those things are close” she panted as she pulled out her 8mm handgun and stood ready as she looked around the house. As she walked silently around the house making sure it was clear she heard a loud crashing sound from up stairs. As she walked up the stairs cautiously she heard the sound of dripping come from the room all the way down the hallway. As she made her way down the hallway silently she heard a loud creak come from down stairs. 

Lana started to panic and ran to the room at the end of the hall and kicked the door open only to find the remains of flesh, bones and blood all over the walls and ceiling “where did it go!?” she said panicking more as she aimed her gun around the room. As the smell of rotting flesh grew she ran into the closet and closed the door as she looked through the blinds. A tall humanoid figure enters the room as it looked around and picks up a piece of flesh and bites into it ripping a piece of it off as eats while as blood gushes from it. As she muffled her screams of terror as she watched the creature eat the flesh. As she observed the creature she noticed it had eye sockets but no eyes so how was it able to know she was in that room or even in the house she thought to herself.

 Lana took aim at the creature and pulled the trigger as the gun fired she shot the creature in the head as it falls to the ground dead. “I gotta get moving quick!” she said panicking more as she heard loud shrieks from outside the house in the distance. She ran out of the house and jumped in her canoe and cut the rope and paddled away as fast as she can as she looked back at the house two creatures appeared on the roof. The creatures shrieked loudly as she paddled faster to get away from there. As she looked at her watch it was 9AM “that was a close call i gotta be careful” she said to herself as she sighed.

As Lana paddled onward she came to a strange looking structure in the middle of Anchorage she paddled closer to it. “what is this strange building?” she said to herself as she got closer to it a loud bang sound came from behind her as a bullet passed her head and hit the structure. She looked behind her pulling her gun out and took aim ready to fire “who shot at me!?” she shouted a man came out from the top of a building “i did miss” the strange man said “if you go any closer to that structure you will be sorry.” Lana paddled over to the man “why did you stop me and who are you?” she asked, the man smiled “my name is kain and i stopped you cause thats those creatures hive” Kain said as he put his rifle over his shoulder.

Lana looked at the hive “how do you know that structure is there hive?” she asked, kain looked at the structure too “i know that cause i been watching it for the last couple of days. 

Those creatures come and go from that structure every night and morning” Kain said as he turned around walked into the building “i recommend you follow me if you wanna live” he said as he opened a hatch on the roof. Lana looked at him puzzled “what do you mean by that?” she asked as she tied up her canoe to the porch and entered the house. Kain walked down the stairs with his rifle in hand “cause that shot alerted the whole colony in the hive so we gotta get in to the safe room now” he said as he walked down the hall to a secret room behind a bookcase. As they entered the safe room an ear splitting shriek rang out “what was that!?” Lana said panicking as she grabbed Kain’s arm “that was the queen of those creatures I call her the queen of the dark ones” he said as he put his hand on hers to comfort her.

Game development needs writers too! If you’re hoping someone will like your story enough to hire you on a team, you might want to put up a story you DO like. Show off a story that you think captures your best work instead of posting something you already think is poorly done. This story sample is full of grammatical errors, tense shifts, run on sentences, redundancies, etc. and doesn’t show the type of quality most developers are looking for in a writer. A new sample with fewer errors would do wonders for your job seeking efforts, good luck! :slight_smile: