I'm on a Mac - Should I just ditch my Magic Mouse?

Has anyone successfully gotten used to the Magic Mouse (one button but touch sensitive) as an efficient way to navigate the viewports? I think I’m about to hang it up and just plug in my old PC Microsoft Mouse. :slight_smile:

Personally, I haven’t ditched mine. I’m just using it in tandem with a three-button mouse; as the only applications I tend to need that functionality for are Maya and Unreal.

Personally I would ditch it, I have 3 or 4 in the cupboard, I use a Razor Death Adder mouse with my macs as so many content creation tools need a middle mouse button. You can simulate a middle click with the Magic Mouse but Ii found it just have me an achey finger.

On Magic Mouse you can use swipe gesture to rotate the view (or pan in ortho views), right-click plus mouse move to pan (or zoom in ortho views) and if any of your fingers touch the top surface, WASD keys will be active as well. For me this works pretty well.

Such an elementary feature as viewport control should be configurable, instead of forcing the user to use obsolete technology. I did use a three-button mouse in the 80:s, but ditched the mouse many years ago in favour of a modern input device. For now, I recommend using another engine like Unity, where you can actually navigate in the vierwport, until UE4 becomes useable.