I'm new, When I created the project and tick starter content, but there's nothing, just snowy terrain

when I created the project and tick starter content, this is what I got no chair, table, and all that, can you help me?, Thank you in advanced

Hey there @gnuraRavello! Welcome to the community! So the map you’re looking for is still there, just not the opening level anymore. This map is the open world example.

Head down to the content drawer at the bottom and open it up, I recommend docking it to your view, you’ll be using this menu often.


After that there’s 2 things you can do, either find it in the starter content folder where it lives, or search for it via the search bar. I’d recommend the former just to see how the folder structure is, as well as you can make a copy of the map with ctrl + c after clicking the map, and ctrl + v wherever you want to paste it in the content drawer.

Once you’re done there, just double click it and voila you’re in the iconic chairs scene called Minimal_Default.

The last thing we’re going to do is set this as the starting level in the editor/build so you open up to this every time.

Head up to the top left, and select Edit->Project Settings


Then select “Maps and Modes” on the left:

Then go down to Editor Startup Map and Game Default Map, and change them both to your copy of Minimal Default.

Then you’re all good! Let me know if you have any questions!