I'm new to Unreal Engine!

I was getting started with the installation of Unreal Engine 4.27.2, when I noticed the default options. Core Components, Starter Content, Templates and Feature Packs, and Engine Source all selected. However, probably the biggest component, Editor symbols for Debugging, was left unchecked. Is this something that will probably be of great relevance to me, hence worth the download?

Also, as I’m installing on a Mac, the default device options were Android, iPhone, and tvOS. What other options are there besides these and how do I access them? Also, If I choose to develop for one or select platforms, is it possible to go back and build on other platforms with existing programs with relative ease, or would I have to restart the process?

Do NOT upgrade your Mac to Monterey, it’s not supported, so you won’t be able to export any projects and try them out.

Debug Symbols just offer you more complex C++ debugging options, so you probably don’t need them yet. The device options are mostly just for mobile platforms; only enable what you need. You can modify your project’s supported platforms in the Project Settings window.