I'm new to ue4 and am trying to make an AI roam

Hi I’m trying to make an AI roam. I want the fox in this case to rotate toward a random point, walk to it, and then pause briefly before looping. Right now it moves to the random location, but just snaps in the direction it will be going without rotating to look in that direction first.

I’m new to ue4 so any help is much appreciated. Here’s what I currently have set.

Is your fox a character or a pawn? If it’s a character then you don’t need SetActorRotation. The character can turn in the direction of the movement.

You can select Orient Rotation to Movement from Character Movement (Rotation Setting). If you want to manually roate the Pawn. You should rotate the Controller like this. Pawn → Get Controller → Set Control Rotation (Instead of Set Actor Rotation).