i'm new to this i really need an advice

i’ve been reading and also watching videos for beginners no experience on the industrie, i’m gamer close to the program and not even similar is photoshop the most i know how to use i want to do a playable map i don’t know where to start, i don’t know how to do grass mud or anything please any techniques use when you guys started with unreal engine the most basic thing i can do to learn ? i have a good concept in mind what it stoping me its i don’t understand nothing or how to even make characters materials bp nothing please any help will be super appreciate

It’s next to impossible to do anything with these programs without some working knowledge of them as each one ties into another very differently. I would suggest using digital tutors, it’s basically the NETFLIX for video tutorials for all sorts of programs, some of which include 3ds max, photoshop, UE4, autocad, etc…

Good luck on your work.