Im new to game design, quick question

I am hopefully learning First person shooter game design with unreal engine at some collage in a month, i have a idea for a game that i will be developing along with a few friends and i am just doing a little research on the engine before the class and before i start developing the game

The game i am making relies very very heavily on the AI, the AI has to be above and beyond the AI of most modern day AAA games. Does the unreal engine have a premade AI algorithm or whatever it is, do i make it from scratch, how does it work exactly?

Also i havent began development of the game yet and i dont know too much about game programing yet so try to explain it as simple as possible


AI is one of the most difficult things to program and usually require some strong math degrees. The tip I have for you is never go into Game Development saying : " It has to be better / beyond what AAA games do". If it was possible to get better and beyond that in a AAA game do you think they would have spent some money and got it done?. Consider they have more resources and talent then you and I currently have and yet they couldn’t pull it off to the standard that your idea is looking for.

So, my suggestion is instead look to taking a strong cut of what you see out there, some 1/10 of the game that the AAA game producer created and only then will you be actually be able to potentially finish the game, which will be a very daunting task at even 1/10th the size of the project.

Note: UE4 has AI behavior tree’s in beta and has pathfinding on a navmesh. There are many aspects to AI, there is

A) How does the AI move from location A to location B.
B) How does the AI even consider that he must move from location A to Location B.

The Behavior trees help with item B, the navmesh and A* pathfinding algorithms help with item A however it by far from does it from you. Any AI you create will need to have some built from scratch magic that you will need to sprinkle in.

Im not planning on finishing the game… My goal is to have 1 working map, most of the character models (50-100 completely different characters), most of the interactive stuff with the map, a good amount of the menus, and the game to be at least semi functional when u play against the computer. My goal is for all this to be done within 2 years, in 2 years if i met my goals i will probably post a demo online for my subs and i might make a kickstarter.

If i get enough $ from kickstarter i can probably invest it into better equipment and possibly hire a full time dev or 2… The version i will have in 2 years will have no sound at all, it will be mostly unpolished and probably glitchy but as long as the main theme of the game is there people will love it!!!

I posted a small overview of it on a few websites, so far everyone LOVES it… Also am i able to integrate online multiplayer into the game from unreal engine or do i do it from a 3rd party company or something

not to sound like a stick in the mud but 50-100 characters >.0 that sounds like a hell of a lot of work to be done just in character art alone. Unless your thinking about modeling modular pieces that can make up a character and then using different assortments of those pieces for the different characters or something clever like that. As for posting your overview and having lots of positive feedback, well lets just say its very easy to describe a game that will melt peoples faces off but it’s quiet another to actually get any of it done.

My advice to you is go into game design with smaller expectations, it’ll save you a lot of heartbreak and frustration :wink:

Zeth they are not really characters but they are playable things in the game… I didnt want to get too much into the actual game on this forum since it is not to relevant but the basic idea of my game is killstreak wars (like cod but without the soldiers, u go around in tanks, helicopters, even submerines)…
They are not really people like characters they are mainly just 50-100 different types of killstreaks.
The biggest problem making this will be the AI and online multiplayer parts of it, the killstreak models will actually be easy by comparison to a lot of other things i have planned for the game

Unreal 4 definitely gives you a strong start point to make good, next generation AI but there will still be a ton of work involved to get to where you want to go. My advice to you is to start experimenting with Unreal RIGHT NOW. Do not wait. You have no time to spare. You need to have a good understanding of what you’re capable of before you even start college. If you can get a level where some generic AI chase you via the straightest possible path then you’ll be doing well.

One more piece of advice for college: Never wait to be taught something. Learn as quickly as you can. You will be able to cover much more on your own than if you simply complete the tasks set by your teachers/professors. You should be able to figure out just about anything by consulting the documentation, posting on the forums, looking at example content and experimenting.

Good luck and god speed!

I second that!