im looking for a solid team

hi i have a Concept for a Asemetrical survival Horror game

its going to have
a cinimaticApproach
Enviromental Hazards
a new game mode along side it
and photorealistic or near photorealistic graphics
also global ilumination
it also has a bleed out function as well be 1st person with 3rd person kill prospectives

i need
3d modlelist
vfx artist
c++ programers
versatile music Artist
and international voice acters to make the game feel more uniqe and have more variety
i also need animaters.

even tho it says unpaid im willing to give people a precentige of each copy sold.
im planing on applying for a dev grant when i get a prototype and hopfully do a kickstarter.

if you have any Questions be free to ask me at [EMAIL=“”] im always happy to have people intrested in my projects.

ps this is also my first project.

id love to be apart of this project, i can make some nice 3d models using blender, and before modeling i was really heavy in the music community. i play several instruments (guitar bass etc.) and, very versitile (just about any music genre you need), and im extremely knowlegable in the audio recording arts (sfx as well as music) if i can be of any use to you please assign me a job. i need the experience and am willing to work for free and i have nothing but time as i am always home lol.