I'm looking for a good Developer

Hello developers from UE4. I have many ideas for a very interesting Battle Royale game never seen before. This is a Battle Royale set on the moon with fantastic innovations, I’m looking for good developers. I am looking for someone who is good at animations, scripting and modeling who can help me and realize my ideas, I wrote a notebook with every single feature that this battle royale game must have. I’m still quite a beginner on Unreal Engine in fact I’ve never been able to complete any game, but I tell you that this is a great idea, on Steam and EpicGames my name is fedkerr6. I think thats an idea you must don’t unsee it. Sorry for my bad English, I’m Italian :smiley:

Is this a paid position?

Hi, I might be interested. I would like to hear a little more about the project. I’m fairly skilled with blueprints, and I’m very comfortable using most of unreal.

Hello there,

I tried my best not to post this comment but I couldn’t help myself. Even though your position is unpaid you still need to set reasonable expectations if at all you want to make a game.