I'm having trouble with the widget switcher

I have a settings menu in which i can switch between widgets for graphics, sounds and controls and this works fine, however when I set a widget active it is in the widget but its not correctly in the center and I can’t see the full widget.

Above is a picture of the graphics widget currently active in the widget switcher and below is what the graphics widget actually looks like.

This is because your other widgets are the size of a screen and your trying to fit inside the size of the widget switcher. They do not automatically resize when you add them to the switcher.

You need to size the widgets you have to the size of the switcher (I suggest right click → wrap in → size box, and/or size down your other widgets with the anchor at the center with a pivot of 0.5,0.5 from 0.0,0.0 and/or make your switcher bigger.

Hope this helps
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