I'm having problems with deleting actors via BP

So I was making a Load System,
And I was making a Side Scroller (A constantly running one especially.),
I decided that the Character Player will be static,
And the obstacles will be dynamic,
This is the Blueprint I used to make it Dynamic,”
link text

“Then I made two Trigger boxes,
One Far Right,
Another One Far Left,
The right one will load it,
And when the Obstacles from the Right overlaps the Left,
the Left one will unload it and activate the Right trigger box,
But for some reason the Left trigger box won’t work…
For some reason the Obstacles IGNORES the Left Trigger box…
And that makes me VERY confused
So pls help id appreciate it thank you.”

Okay, let’s start with the easy questions:

Have you set the obstacles to overlap the object-type of the left trigger box? And have you set the left trigger box to overlap the object-type of the obstacles?

Thank you it turns out that I needed to activate more Collision You are a GREAT HELP bye