Im having issues when i package my game for windows 64 bit

i Need help when i package the product its fine but when i click on the shipped packaged game to play it says (cant open file description can any one help me please.

it has blueprints in it , it runs fine on my pc but when i put everything over into our schools server for our class to play it itll give that message saying it cant open up the file description

Is it a C++ project or Blueprints?

Just to be clear, are you trying to open this on the server or are the students copying the project folder from server locally to their own machines. Be advised you will have to have the entire packaged project and not just the executable.

We deployed the entire package on to the server/network But when everyone and i myself tried to open it, it said error (File description could not be opened)
So if any one could please help us we are on a tight schueld as this project is being graded by my teachers in upcoming weeks.

To be clear, you need to download the entire package from the server (not just the .exe) then launch/install locally.

As long as you’ve packaged correctly and included all files needed for the project, then it should work fine if you are just distributing it to download off of a network.

Please review the following documentation: