I'm having issues getting the player controls to sync up with the camera position, alongside others!

This is the code I’m working with! Each camera is positioned according to the directions listed in the switch using the enumerator, CameraSide. One behind, one on the left, and one on the right. Each one is attached to a spring arm to ensure it will push in toward the player when too close to another object.

The issue I’m having is that when the left or right cameras are selected to be active, the controller rotation does not adjust to match it. When on the back camera angle I select the back spring arm and turn on Pawn Control Rotation, and it will enable the player to have a smooth moving experience where the control rotation moves smoothly around.

Without it, the player character will move on 8 axises depending on which directions are pressed on the keyboard, and its kind of clunky, the camera can get turned around, and when it feels like pressing back should cause the player to move forward, instead it causes them to move backwards still, resulting in a confusing experience to say the least. Originally, I did use one single camera and tried to turn it depending on which camera angle was desired, however that caused its own set of issues including having a devil of a time getting the camera to actually look at the player.

Now I would LOVE to just turn on Use Pawn Control Rotation for the other spring arms, however if I do that then the cameras automatically snap to being behind the player, with no way to rotate them to either side of the character. I am well and truly stuck on this one little, tiny tiny detail with this mechanic and I just don’t know how to fix it and make the controller rotation smooth and match with the camera. Any and all help would be amazing with this!

Also, here’s the old camera system I was trying to use if anyone thinks they can help me get this working instead in a much easier way. Warning though, this one looks like pure spaghetti.

I found the solution!
These settings have to be turned off for the camera spring arms that are on the sides. For whatever reason, these caused SO MANY ISSUES. I do not know why, I can’t even begin to figure out why, but they did.

This is the completed update camera function, where I basically turned on and off the cameras that are active or inactive. I hope this helps anyone who’s having this same problem sometime in the future!