I'm having binormal and tangent issues.

I have no idea what’s the problem is. Im not the best at 3d modeling but I have 3ds max model. I export it to fbx and imported into Unreal. Then I get uv overlaps (I think I know how to fix) and “has nearly zero binormals and tangents” (that I do not know how to fix). This does lead to some black areas when lighting is built, holes in small places of the mesh and weird triangular artifacts in certain places. I thought my normals were flipped but no, I think they’re facing the right way since I recalculated them and redid all the uv unwraps but maybe I did something wrong I don’t know. Please if someone wants to fix it or at least take alook. I have my .fbx and .3ds linked here.

that mesh is TINY! this will cause ue4 to delete faces on import. scale it up to its proper size in 3ds and try the import again. you can also (not recomended) untick “remove degenerates” in the import options to stop it from deleteing stuff (this is usefull when importing ultra high res scans/sculpts) but you should get the scale right first before resorting to that option. basicaly ue4 is looking at the mesh and going “hey, there are componants (face/verts/edges/normals/binormals/tangents/uv’s) that are SUPER CLOSE to eachother, this will tank performance so im gonna delete them.”