Im having an issue with unreal engine 4

im not sure if this is the right place to ask (please inform me if it isnt)
anyway here are the issues im having

  1. im trying to make the player able to use the (E) key to interact with things like doors, objects, and ai but i cant think of a system for this
  2. models, assets animation (i just cant work with assets models animation i pretty suck) ive been trying to make good models but that didnt work out i tried to make assets that also didnt work out and i cant figure out how to create animation inside unreal engine 4 :confused:
  3. a weather system, day and night system, and a wave system (with physical water) this is one problem ive been having with the engine for a while :frowning: if anyone has any suggestions please tell me!!!

It sounds like you’re just starting to get into game development, you mostly just need to look over some tutorials. As far as 3D modeling and animation goes, that takes a lot of time and practice to develop as a skill so if you want to be able to do that well you need to plan to spend a while working on it.

Hey there TacClan!

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  1. There are plenty of youtube tutorials for UE4 that deal with the topic of player interaction, take a look on there and you should find several learning resources.
  2. You would create animations in an external 3D modeling package, such as Maya and import them into UE4. You can’t create animations from within the engine itself. Other than practicing to get your skills up, the UE4 marketplace has plenty of animation and asset packs that you might find useful in the meantime.
  3. There are several examples of weather systems I’ve come across on the forums, and if I’m not mistaken one that’s available on the UE4 marketplace.

As DarthViper mentioned, it sounds like you’re new to game development. In order to avoid being overwhelmed with all of this information it’s probably best to start with the basics and progress as you learn. Game development is a very sophisticated art, and patience is key. Good luck! =)