I'm having a very hard time finding FX job openings

It seems like for the hundreds of modelling and animation job openings I see, there -might- be one FX job. Now I know it’s not common and most teams have only a couple, but is there something I’m missing? There never seem to be FX job openings, or maybe I’m not searching right. I always search terms like special effects, particle effects, fx, visual effects, particle artist, and usually nothing… It’s making me consider polishing up my animation skills or something.

Unfortunately it is indeed just a rare position; most studios will only have one or two people doing FX, and as often as not it’s someone who also has other skills.

Why not making some free FX first, then ask what ppl want and sell FX packs on the Marketplace?


i thought about doing the other day, we’ll see…

Tough field to get into