I'm having a problem with my Aqua GUI pack

Hi guys!

I bought the MobileAquiaGUI from Unreal Marketplace, when I open the project I saw only 15% of the original content from the original pack that was written.
I would really appreciate if somebody bought that pack and share this false content in marketplace!

Thank you

you may want to check if the files are there in windows Brower as there is a bug with some packs with content not appearing in the engine, just an idea I have no experience with that pack.

it might be a problem with the marketplace I saw another thread with missing files from a pack you should ask the support

Hi Holly,

See the below from the MarketPlace FAQ thread.

You should write an email to the MarketPlace team, you have quite a few options here,

1.) You can point out how happy you’re with the product and give the developer a chance to put this right
2.) Go ahead and get a refund

What ever your choice you should supply the 85% of content you believe is missing from this pack. It will help Epic, developer and, future buyers.

Edit: Just read above this could be a bug…

Hope you get it sorted.

This was actually reported as a bug by me, but it was a fault on my end (and maybe a lack of proper notification on UE4’s end). I had the Paper2D plugin disabled when I imported a package that contained sprites, and UE4 didn’t know what to do with those files without the plugin enabled so it just didn’t show them in the editor.

@HollyOPK - make sure you have the Paper2D plugin enabled in your engine.

I already had the paper2D plugin enabled, the core of windows browser are only few things too, not even 10% of what was saying on the announce.

Excuse me, but you bought the same AquiaGUI or your bug was with another pack?

The Bumping Pub is suffering the same issue. When you download it you get a single candlelight particle. Which is funny, and cruel. Mostly cruel.

Hi everyone! Apologies for the inconvenience here. This appears to be a problem on Epic’s side and has nothing to do with the individual creators’ content. Please bear with us while we look into what could be causing these issues. We’re deploying some changes on the backend to support the upcoming seller portal and new publishing pipeline, and it looks like something in the middle of all that is causing some problems.

The best way you could help us is to email us at specifying what you downloaded, what platform you’re using, and the exact error. We’re mobilizing fast on this to get everything working ASAP, and we appreciate your patience.

Thank you for the reply, already sent an e-mail!

Quick update: Generic Shooter and Bumping Pub are fixed. Working on Mobile Aqua GUI next. Thanks for sending us detailed info!

Since it’s an Epic-side issue, perhaps this thread title should be changed to avoid having a negative impact on the name of the pack/creator?

Okay, all these issues appear to have been fixed now! We apologize for the inconvenience and know how to prevent these issues moving forward. If anyone else has any issues, please let us know at Thanks!

Excuse me, but I downloaded again the AquaGUi package and still not showing the contents!

Excuse me again, but I saw that MobileAquaGUI was updated 11th August, but are missing core files like:

-7 sounds (only have 1)
-PDF with vectors
-20 materials (only Plane)
-Widget Blueprint (only 30% from 178)
-Only 30% of icons from announce
-2 types of font (only 1 in pack)

Some other things that I can’t say exactly what is missing.
Already sent the e-mail to marketplace support too.

Thank you very much

Okay, we’re looking at this again to get it fixed. On it now!

Might be a good idea to make a separate thread with a more appropriate title for this issue if it may in fact be more widespread. That way people won’t be caught off guard if this happens to someone else. Hope it gets resolved soon!

Hey guys!

I just wanted to let you all know that this was fixed last night and the fix has seemed to go through successfully! Please let us know if anyone is still having any problems with this.