I'm having a problem getting 'auto-hips' to work while using the rigging toolkit

Hi guys, I’m having a bit of a problem using the Animation and Rigging Toolkit. Basically I’ve just started using it so I’ve build up a simple character without altering much through the creation process. It builds okay I think.

When adding the character to my scene for animation, all of the handles seem to work fine except the fact that I can’t get the auto-hips to work. The auto-spine works just fine.

as you can see in the image i have autohips enabled but i get no feedback from the hips at all. I’ve also tried enabling it in the channels menu with no luck.

I am getting an error when i open up the character that states

Error: The orientConstraint ‘fk_leg_thigh_r_orientConstraint1’ has no ‘jo’ attribute.

I have no idea if that has anything to do with it.

Thanks for any help guys.

Hi GlacierFox,

Which version of Maya are you using? Also, make sure you have the most recent version of ART.

HI, I’m using Maya 2014. Thank you, I’ll try this one from the dropbox folder. I’m using the one found in the Extras folder in the Unreal 4.4.3 install location.

I’ve just installed the files from the folder on my pc in the correct folders. I’m still get the same issues.

I just tested this myself and sure enough, it seems the feature has broken at some point over the last couple of months. None of the animators here use it, so I think it just rotted. Oddly enough, it works with the FK legs, just not the IK currently. I’ll look into this further when I get a chance and try to get a fix out, or at least a workaround, but it might be a bit.

Sorry about that!

Ah thanks Jeremy, at least I know its not just on my end. I’m actually doing fine without it, I just thought ‘if this isn’t working, perhaps it might break some other things down the line’ . But if the function has become obsolete at epic that’s completely fine its no big deal for me.

And thank you for taking a look at some point but if it becomes more trouble than its worth then its completely fine :slight_smile: