I'm guessing alpha rex (alpha buff, spawn) is not currently moddable

I can see Buff_AlphaAoE is referenced to the character _BP… but it’s configuration (i.e. removal) is not possible.
I can see no link to spawner blueprints… so I’m guessing that is buried in scripts that cannot be modified either.

On a semi-related note… does anyone know where/how the devs adjusted the damage that alphas do to stone structures?

"Dino subclasses can now simply have their own additional CharacterStatusComponent added onto the Components array. Just give the CharacterStatusComponent class that you want to take effect a higher “CharacterStatusComponentPriority” value, in the CharacterStatusComponent Blueprint. So this way you can make a “RaptorElite” which is a subclass of the standard Raptor, but uses its own “RaptorElite” character status component with unique values.

PrimalCharacter classes now have a default PrimalBuffs array that is added to them upon creation.

A level’s PrimalWorldSettings now has an array called NPCRandomSpawnClassWeights that lets you specify globally that a Dino should be replaced with a weighted array of possible dinos (used for the “rare” elite dino variants). We can and probably should also wrap this to PrimalGameData as well, but haven’t yet.

Make sure to read the latest patch notes. They keep adding in more functionality for the mod, and this sometimes means that they do things differently (like spawning in the alpha’s)

Hey thanks for the pointer back to the dev notes… I guess they didn’t really make sense to me in terms of how to practically achieve what I wanted to do.

**Regarding spawning location/probability of alphas:
I don’t want the alpha Rex to spawn (whole bunch of balance-related reasons)… and it’s not in any of the spawner BPs and it’s not clear which biomes it spawns in anyway (why a second, hidden place to trigger spawns is needed is another mystery but lets park that for now!).

So it wasn’t intuitive to me to use an NPCRandomSpawnClassWeight weight to replace an alpha Rex that I couldn’t figure out where it was spawning to begin with!

However I can see how using it should let me achieve it - so thanks for that pointer. I think the real solution here is to put the MegaRex into the spawners where we can control location/probability/levels/etc… as right now that info is not clear.

Regarding buffs
I went hunting again for “PrimalBuffs” array… and scoured various blueprints for this and turned up with nothing.

On closer inspection of MegaRex_Character_BP (defaults) I found “Default Buffs” - which contains the alpha buff! Not exactly PrimalBuffs but hey problem solved.

Footnote: I may be slightly dense (though I have a somewhat enviable job in RL heh)… but the documentation isn’t exactly… what’s the word? Intuitive? Maybe it’s just me heh.

Yea, there can definitely be “some” interpretation/ fill-in-the-blanks to be done with some of the updates. I’ve found that most of the time though, there’s never any type of “hidden meaning” or “between the lines” nuances. Everything they say is VERY straightforward. If you don’t understand, bring it up and it is most likely something a large amount of the community is having a problem with.