I'm going crazy please help me!

Hello to everyone , i’m trying for a lot of hours to make a system “Idle to Walking” without run , because i wanna inser the sprint/run pressing Shift AFTER…
I’m using the Preset animation of the game , after import a character i duplicate and retarget the preset animation “Walk, idle” and i try to make a simple system when i start the game the personage is “idle” so he don’t move , just the animation of a idle character but when i try to move the “idle” animation don’t go away!!! I try a lot of mode but nothing , sometimes the charater start with walking and never stop , sometimes start with idle and never stop , i’m new of unreal engine and i don’t know how to do it… The biggest problem is of this preset animation , because they have in the blend space only “SPeed” and don’t “direction” and on youtube no one post a video for only “speed”…Sorry i don’t know what i’m writing , i’m really tired and demoted …
and tomorrow the school starts again :frowning:
Someone know ho to create a “Idle/walk” system please? Happy new year

This should help you out some
I’ll see if I can post some pictures tomorrow to help you out.

The easiest way i can think of accomplishing a idle to walk system of blending the two would be to use a blendspace 1D. The guys at Epic made a video tutorial on creating a third person character and using blendspaces is a part of it. Also if you wanted to add in the sprint functionality you could do that either in the character BP with events and anim montages or in the animation BP.

BlendSpace Tutorial

Thanks i’m going to try this after

I’m going to see , thanks

I resolve it with this system