I'm Getting Into Game Programming And I Need Some Help

Would anybody be willing to answer some questions for me about, game engines and more specifically the Unreal game engine and how to write code for it?

The question is a little broad -and I’m not a programmer- but to get things rolling: UE4 utilizes C++ and the visual scripting method, Blueprints. Here’s a good place to get started:

We are always here to answer your questions! Just post them and you will get an answer :wink:

Espcially on the wiki you can find some useful and easy to follow C++ tutorials -> because “learning by doing” is the best way to learn programming :smiley:

could one of you guys explain to me what exactly an engine is? How can I create a game with it, I’ve been coding with Swift on Xcode for the App Store and just now started getting into C++ but I never understood to the idea of a game engine, does it have some source code I can use to make my game in eclipse or can I only make the world and textures with the app you download when you first subscribe to unreal?

Ok so here if my first question: What is a game engine? I’ve never understood what it truly is. How can I write c++ in an engine or how can I connect it with eclipse l, is there some source code? And can I write with the engines tools or can I only make the world like in the app you download when you first subscribe to unreal.

How does c++ tie in with the game engine. I know this is a nooby question but nobody has been able to answer it for me so far.

I’ll try and explain!

A game engine, in simple terms, is basically the structure and rules of the sandbox that you would create your game within. This would dictate the graphics, collision, networking of your game (among a TON of other things!).

C++ ties into the UE specifically because the engine itself was written using the C++ programming language. One great thing about UE is that it’s open source meaning you have access to the engine code, allowing you to add to or modify the existing engine code to your likes!

I hope this helps!

General explanation of a game engine: :slight_smile:

Btw, before I forget it: On this channel you can find tutorials about many aspects of game development.

I am also starting game programming, and these tutorials are helping me…