I'm getting a blueprint error Accessed None and cant figure out why or what im doing wrong

I’m getting a
blueprint Runtime Error:“Accessed None trying to read property CallFunc_Create_returnValue7”
and cant figure out why or what i’m doing wrong! i’ve uploaded a 4 min video explaining exactly whats wrong.
check it out :

without being able to test and connect or disconnect things its difficult to say.

some possible things to look at:

a) putting things on tick is usually a bad practice. it basically means that whatever happens there happens at every frame.
b) try putting print screens here and there to evaluate if some parts of your graph is properly executed (some sort of trace)
c) i noticed that you have hard coded a fair amount of references to objects in your scene : that is most likely working, but will break if you change the design. could that be the culprit?

nice visuals btw!