I'm geting banned from this forum anyways

i cant even post a thread because someones afraid that im just gonna waste everyones time cuz noone wants to read what i write either because it offends them or they just think im stupid well im not.

This is the reason.

ok first calm down and stop swearing, second why do you think your getting banned? your thread was closed because you made a thread earlier and deleted it then made another thread that was basically the same and it didn’t make much sense (it wasn’t because you offended anyone or they think your stupid), if you had ended your first post with a question like “what do you all think?” or something like that people would have had something to follow on from. I think it was more a miscommunication then anything else.

while your thread that got closed didn’t get you in any trouble because of your wording in this one I am going to have to edit your post(I’ll try to keep your point without the bad language) and give you an infraction, however I for one will not ban you and will leave this thread open(although if another mod or epic dev wants to close it that’s up to them), as long as you don’t use anymore bad language or insult anyone else you should be ok.

The reason your first post needs to be approved by a moderator is that we were getting massive amounts of spam on these forums, from actual humans rather than spambots. We were sick of being shown ads for Indian Love Specialists and Black Magik. So we make sure each new poster is actually providing value in some way by asking questions, responding to questions, giving feedback, etc… Your posts requiring approval does not mean anything bad will happen to you or no one wants to listen to you, everyone’s first post requires approval now.

However, coming in here and cussing us out is not providing value.

EDIT: Apparently I missed the thread that was closed earlier. Mea culpa.

That doesnt change the fact that your not letting me post a thread. Like your afraid that I’m wasting space on the forum. And I just feel like that if you valued my conversation, you would let me post.

But evidently you think that unless someone is asking questions about development issues their working on then its not worth a thread to discuss about. I disagree, I think I should be able to start a general discussion without asking any specific questions. Mainly because I’m not interested in working on anything.

And yes, you people are calling me stupid. By telling me that all my posts are nonsense. And thats why I have no other way of defending myself than by cussing.

Your making it sound like you think that I’m incapable of communicating. Where as I think my sentence structure was perfect, and the terms I’ve used were on point. It is perfectly relevant to the nature of the website. Even though I’m not asking any questions, I’m still trying to have a good discussion. Even if I’m not interested in using the editor myself doesn’t mean that I don’t want to discuss game making in general.

And I truly would value a good discussion so much. You don’t know how long I’ve been trying to get someone to give me the time of day. I don’t know why, but everyone, always just tells me that I don’t make sense.

And then everyone says “Well if everyone tells you that your wrong and don’t know what your talking about then maybe there right.”

No, thats not the case. What have I actually said that is not factual? I don’t claim that I know how to code, I don’t claim to be a good modeler. But I do know a little bit. And I know what I know is not incorrect.

He said “Its very unclear what your talking about.” Like hes some kind of upscale professional who expects some kind of collegiate thesis on game design before I can get some respect.

So whats “unclear” about the MMO terms I used? logging in, character creation, auction house, bank, vendor, mailbox, trading, chat, parties, movement, health, targeting, respawning, pvp, inventory, equipment, abilities, skills, books.

And what about the general terms I used are they “unclear” too? mesh, rigging, animation, texture, material, physics properties, scripts, GUI, client, server, database, website

Also, I sent a private message to the guy who closed my thread telling him that he likes the D. So thats why I’m getting banned.

Haven’t you been told your not being banned? Plus… this behavior of 'telling him that he likes the D" is a contradiction of your claim of being a wonderful communicator.

Also, you keep saying that “you’re not asking any questions”… but isn’t that a key part of any discussion? If no questions are posed… what exactly is happening? What are we supposed to respond to?

If you don’t want to ask questions and don’t want to make anything, as you keep saying… then what is the point? You clearly expect a ‘specific’ type of response or feedback, but what kind? What should we say? That we like your nicely organized list? We think you have good sentence structure? You’re the one who mentioned these points but they have nothing to do with the problem here, which is really just a sense of general ambiguity all wrapped up in vagueness. You may as well walk into a library, gesturing all around you, and then wonder why nobody engages you. It’s because words alone aren’t enough… we need meaning and relevance.

Perhaps what you could do for clarity… is provide your own example of how you expect someone to respond to your posts? As I stated in your other thread, you really only posted a to-do list, which is hardly something that will spark any sort of conversation at all.

I’m not a “wonderful communicator” in your mind then I guess.

So you want some sort of example of how I want someone to respond to me? How does that make sense? I would just be talking to myself… whatever I’ll give it a shot.

“It looks like the terms you listed are all comprehensive. Everything related to game design will definitely fit inside of those terms. Also, the terms you mentioned for game features are all inclusive as well. I can’t think of anything else you would need to make your game playable. Packaging a client and server isn’t too hard. Usually you need to learn how to integrate everything with a database and build a website. Modeling only takes maybe 30 minutes per model. Also, I find that pointing a camera at 3d objects that are animated and converting those renders to GUI objects is an easy way to make GUIs. Its very important that all your code works together, but once you have your general code base it will be pretty easy to add new abilities and weapons and skills.”

Take some time to calm down. Grab some sleep or do something else than post on the forums.

If you really want to make a MMO my advice would be to look into the MMO Starter Kit being made by CodeSpartan.

Here is a link - MMO Starter Kit - Content Creation - Unreal Engine Forums

Again take some time to calm down would be my advice.

I also take it that you are new to game development. So here are some books to help you on your journey :slight_smile:

The Art of Game Design: A book of lenses

The Animators Survival Guide: Extended Edtion

As soon as you have calmed down in the morning I will be posting more resources for you as an Incentive :slight_smile:

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EDIT: DANGIT - There goes a chance to help someone :frowning:

Nice. I’m glad you took me seriously and gave it a shot. :slight_smile:

At this point I’ll guess that it really was a to-do list that you posted… and that what you were seeking was feedback on how comprehensive and complete it was. As in… did I miss anything? Will all of these things work together? That sort of thing.

Am I getting this right? If so… you should have then actually asked for that feedback on how comprehensive and complete your list was and if you may have missed anything.

Beyond that, we could only agree, that yes, all of those things you mentioned are related or relevant to making the game you outlined. But that would be such a dry, technical, emotionless discussion… but maybe that’s what you wanted? It can be hard to read intent in words alone when it’s ultimately just a list. Maybe just make sure that you have a question that you don’t have any answer to, for next time, and it may all go differently.

EDIT: doh! banned. Hope you still read this and get it. :frowning:

Nowhere productive for this thread to go… :frowning: