I'm following a tutorial, got bug

I’ve followed the tutorial up to here, everything works, except for 1 thing. When I click the play game button in my game menu, it shows the level, and then immediately switches me back to the menu, and the mouse seems screwed up a bit.

Here are some pics:

The only thing I can think that I did wrong is step 14, because I couldn’t find a “Main” level, so I assumed it meant the firstpersonexamplemap. I’m really new, so…any help is appreciated. If there is any more information I can help with, just let me know.


This tutorial does not contain any errors.

I think that you are unable to find the “Main” level, because you missed that part:

Also you must set “Main” level as Editor Startup Map and Game Default Map.

Some fixes:

Show the cursor in the pause menu:

Hide the cursor after you exit the Pause Menu:

Wow. The first bit…I don’t know how many times I missed that, but whatever the number, it’s quite embarrassing. (I read through the entire tutorial like…5 times trying to find my error. Apparently, I missed it 5 times.)
And your other fixes, Thank you! I’m trying to learn this software by myself…so, sometimes i’m sure I’ll miss something.

Thanks again!