I'm finding submitting to the marketplace EXTREMELY frustrating!

So I spend a lot of time putting together project for the marketplace, and there was some buzz from my the youtube vid I created and people were asking where they could get hold of it.
I had previously submitted this 5-6 times last year and each time I got the changes needed reply, until I burned out and left it for a year. Well I had been on furlough for a while and decided this time I will finish up & submit both projects I have been working on.
I had received the changes needed reply 10 times and each time I made the required changes to the first project and resubmitted then came the final change needed ( please make a tutorial on how to use this content)
So I invested some more hours to create the tutorial and submitted the project again, and received a reply that there was not enough content to place the project on the marketplace ???:wink:
So all the time I invested in the project was a waste om my time & I feel like I was led down the garden path.

So I instantly submitted the other project, and got changed needed reply on that to. one being.
Naming conventions are not consistent throughout your project. All assets that you have created should follow the same naming convention that you have chosen. _M for materials - _T for textures etc…

I went through all the materials and textures I created last night and changed them to _mat / _T
and re submitted it .
Today I get the changes needed reply AGAIN! with the same message as above and I honestly cant see what the complaint is Unless they are actually asking me to also change the names of the default mannequin and UE4 content conventions that I never created.

I feel that the review process is not consistent as I saw my first project fail on things that it had already passed on.
I spent a lot of time on these projects and For my sanity I need to move on from them and focus on other things so sorry if this sounds like a rant its just very frustrating and demotivating.
Anyone else having a bad time with submitting content

You just reading too quickly. Like I do.
You need to change all your assets with suffix _L*
*L - letter or two letters describing what type of asset is this.

Yeah done this!
I have labeled my assests in the following ways
static-mesh =_sm
textures =_T
Materials =_mat
blueprints =_bp
particles =_p
haptic =_haptic
animations= _anim or _pose when its a static hand pose
Animation Blueprints = _AnimBP

Im not sure what the complaint is :confused:

I’ve done like this:
Static Mesh: _SM
Textures: _T
Materials: _M
Blueprints: _BP
Particles: _PS

You will get another “changes need” status because you have that “_mat” and “_haptic” I guess.
Good Luck.

same here try messaging them i had issues with some textures from paragon im not allowed to use and it just kept saying remove copyrighted assets so i messaged them and they replied a few hours later with the specific files that need removal good luck

Lol. At least no one told you “the camera change is too quick this is bad quality” on an add-on who’s sole purpose is to allow the end user to change the transition speeds to taste…
some times they just get stuff wrong.
usually an email is enough to resolve that.

For the future, normally assets should be preceded by the identifier rather then having it as a suffix.


So long as you are consistent, it shouldn’t matter anyway.


TLDR: pick one lettering case, all upper-case preferred.

Thank you for sharing this.

Naming conventions are very important when you have a team of people working together on the same project. As often happens with solo devs (myself included), we get too familiar with our own work. This leads to bad programming practices, such as single letter variables.

What I think Epic is saying, is that in your naming convention, there is a lot of variation. You need to follow a set of rules, even if these rules are devised by you. For instance, your lettering is both upper and lower case. Fixing that would be one place to start. Capital letters are preferred. Consider the dev who uses a case-sensitive search to find your assets, and wants to ignore lower-case letters.

It may seem like a small detail, but to a team of people working on a project for many months (even years), it really does matter.

The Epic training courses all provide examples of the naming conventions that UE4 uses. If I were submitting a product to the marketplace, I would follow those naming conventions to ensure uniformity with other content.

Personally, I use all caps. And I try to keep the prefix to 2 or 3 characters

My prefixes are more explicit. But that is one of the naming convention “rules” that I have established for myself.

There are exceptions however.


Not sure if my naming conventions would pass muster though.

I know it’s inconvenient for you to go back and change all the asset names, but I am very impressed that Epic Games is so insistent on this. It shows they really care about the development process. And it’s a testimony to the quality of the products on the marketplace.

Best of luck to you. I hope to see your products someday.