I'm failing at what is probably the most basic blueprint.

All I’m trying to do is create a 2D sprite to sidescroll in a 3D environment; akin to Shantae: Half-Genie Hero.

I started off with the sidescroller example, but deleted everything so I can start fresh. I’ve imported a texture, converted it to a sprite, converted it to a blueprint, sized the collision capsule and added a camera and I think I added the spring arm. (At some point, I’m going to need to convert the single sprite to a flipbook, and I wonder if I can even do that from this point.) I know I haven’t added the movement blueprints, but I can’t even get the camera to lock into the player’s camera.

There’s no tutorials out there for what I want, and I just feel so lost. I could really use someone to help me figure this stuff out.

Is your camera attached to your character? Take a look at the Tappy Chicken example project. The setup for the camera should be the same if you are wanting the camera to just move with the character.

My guess is you still need to specify your player pawn in the gamemode. It sounds like it is still using the default player pawn not the one you created. You can confirm this by looking in the world outliner while playing to see if the default pawn is spawned.
If that’s it you might want to start reading up here:

Essentially you need to create your own Gamemode, player controller, and player character (or player pawn if you don’t want the default character movement) Then specify the gamemode in your project settings and setup the defaults in your gamemode to the other classes you created.


I made a little tutorial for you. You seem utterly lost and I hope it will help you :).

Four months later, I finally come back and notice your video, DarkGodsLair. I appreciate how you stopped to make a video demonstration just for me.

The video below is the progress I’ve made back then. So apparently, I figured out how to bind a camera and make it move. There was one point where the character was small enough to fit in that doorway, and I even figured out the check-for-collision option so it didn’t zoom in like crazy when he entered. Then, to make it so the camera wasn’t clipping through the wall, I cut windows into the room.

Anyways, it just felt like it was falling apart, anyways. Clearly, the graphics are pretty placeholder. The sprites, I just can’t get to feel in-place. Colors seemed washed, or the graphic seemed bunched in vertical lines, or the edge of the graphic not having the anti-aliased feel that the .png has. I wonder if it’s me that’s not setting it up right, or that the engine doesn’t work with 2D graphics well enough. (It’s probably me.)