Im Building a boat, and i could use some help

Hi, My name is Max and I’m building a boat for a game I’m making. The Idea is that you have your player character that you walk around with in ports and what not. and then you can go back to your ship docked in the harbour, and sail away steering the ship by switching between 2 pawns. the player and the ship. each a having different movement inputs. 2 gamemodes. and the ship is controlled by a controller instead of being a complete character blueprint.

How I planned this would work is by using 2 different game modes. the Charactergamemode and the Shipgamemode.
the Charactergamemode, being linked directly to a regular player character with regular inputs.

The Ship Gamemode However. is supposed to be a Ship pawn And a Ship Controller Working together. the Thought Behind this is that if I want to add a function to buy and sell ships later the foundation for it will already be implemented.


The Ship Controller, Ship Pawn, and the Ship Gamemode is what I’m having an issue with. I can toggle between them fine (Using a level blueprint). however, i need help getting the ship pawn to get input from the ship Controller as when I change the ship I cant drive it. I don’t know how to change the gamemode with blueprint.

Safe to say I have no idea how to set this whole ordeal up. but priority one is to get them to the boat input working correctly. because as of right now. the boat won’t respond to commands. however, if you have any other thoughts as of how I could improve the boat, please tell.

From your description of the gameplay you want, I don’t think you need a separate game mode and controller. The character and the ship can just be pawns, and you can make the same player controller posses each one. You could probably even leave the character pawn standing on the ship pawn when you switch possession.

I would set this up by having the player controller accept some input, a button or something, to switch to the ship that is nearest the player character. Then just use the Posses blueprint node and sail away! No need to touch the level blueprint or game mode.